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The Student's Guide To Painting

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Mastering Drawing The Human Figure From Life,

Memory, Imagination

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The Student's Guide To Painting

"The Students are delighted with your book and we are already profiting from the information within. We refer to it often in class and encourage them to study at home with their own copy."

- Yours Truly, Sindy Bell Mark Westerman, Associates in Art/Art Academy of Los Angeles

"Your book is very special. I know how much work it must have been and what a gift it is to the tradition, the history and the future of drawing the human figure"

- Sherry Camhy Instructor Art Students League of NY.

"I have been awaiting the re-release of your fine book "The Student Guide to Painting" for quite some time. It's consistently mentioned throughout various art chat sites and by knowledgeable, accomplished "master" artists throughout the world, with the most highest regard, as The Bible, as the very finest painting instruction book published in the art world. Most often, I have read that your book requires more than one year of intensive study to "get through" its lessons, and having accomplished that, there are no further books required for study. All others become optional. Your epic achievement is stamped with giant praise. Your reputation as an instructor is nothing short of legendary. I know I will remember the day when I finally hold a copy of this title. I'll be checking your website for updates. The art world seems literally starving for this re-release. I wish you good fortune in this endeavor. "

- John Dobrowolski 

“I teach at a local art center, and often invoke your name along with Shultz, Aviano and of course Mr. Reilly. I rely heavily on the notes I took in your class. Many of my students are middle-aged artists who got short-changed on their 1970's art education. Looking back, your class was like the Irish Abbeys during the Dark Ages, the keeper of the flame of knowledge, a knowledge I am happy to pass on to my students. I am glad you are still teaching at the League. I continue to recommend your class to all who will listen.”

- Your student, John Ennis 

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